Re- Evaluating facility:

    i, A student who scores less than 15% marks in a paper shall not be eligible for re-evaluation facility.
    ii, Re-evaluation facility is permissible for one paper oly in a Semester.
    iii, Re-evaluation facility is not applicable in respect of practical Examinations.
    iv, The higher marks awarded post re-evaluation shall be awarded.
    v, A Student who was declared passed initially shall not be declared unsuccessful as a result of re-evaluation and downward revision of marks shall be limited to pass level.
    vi, A student may apply for re-evaluation within 30 days of declaration of the concerned results onpayment of the prescribed fee to the controller of Examinations.

Scrutiny of Answer Scripts(RC-9)

A student can apply for Scrutiny of their Answer Script(s) in any paper within 30 days of publication results on payment of prescribed fee.

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