A. Eligibility for Subject Combinations:

Honours (Elective).Elective Group-AElective Group-B
Chemistryphysics, MathematicsBotany, Zoology
Physics.Mathematics, Chemistry
MathematicsPhysics, Chemistry
Botany Chemistry, Zoology
ZoologyChemistry, Botany
GeographyBotany, ZoologyEconimics, History
EnglishHistory, Political SciencePhilosophy, Education
History, Political Science
EducationHistory, Poltical Science
HistoryEconimics, Poltical ScienceElective Language, Political Science
PhilosophyElective Language, Political ScienceEconomics, History
Political ScienceElective Language, GeographyHistory, Economics
EconomicsPolitical Science, History


    1. Elective Language refers to Bengali, Assamese, Garo and English.
    2. Any two subjects to be taken from corresponding Elective Group A aor Elective Group .

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