Chemistry is the integrated study of preparation, properties, structure and reactions that change them into other substances (L. Pauling).

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Branches of Chemistry

Chemistry is indeed a central science. There is scarcely a single area of our daily lives that is not touched by chemistry. Chemistry has helped in creating valuable products that affect every aspect of our lives. Modern means of travel have improved with chemistry playing its vital role in providing better fuels for every nation. Forensic Chemistry is helpful in the detection and control of crime in society. In this age of science and technology, one cannot consider properly educated unless one also knows the fundamentals of chemistry. Knowledge of chemistry is essential not only for obtaining food, shelter and clothing and in healthcare but also for an understanding of the world around us. In the real and broader sense, the study of chemistry is the study of our society itself.

The department of chemistry in Tura Government College was established on 1971 with the starting of Honours Course in 1992.

Vision and Mission


  • To Educate the students in proper manner so that they will have a bright future. 
  • Creating interest in environmental issue.
  • Increasing working knowledge in the subject and its application in real life situation.
  • Increasing the practical skill of the students


  • Motivate students to take up Chemistry Honours.
  • To impart theoretical and practical training in chemical sciences and contribute. knowledge which encourages creativity, insight development and a passion for science.
  • Encourage students to go for higher studies and joint chemistry oriented professional line.

Department Information

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