Tura Government College Faculty List

Name & Email ID of Teaching Faculty, Tura Govt. College, Tura

Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri. Terence D. Marak Principal and Associate Professor tgcprincipal[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Dr.(Ms) Nazina Changme. W.Momin Assistant Professor and Head changs_me[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
2 Smt. Dimchi K. Marak Assistant Professor marakdimchik[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Euphemia Ch. Momin Lecturer pemiamomin[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Sanatombi K Sangma Lecturer sana.sangma[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Smt. Eleanor Tweetie M Momin Assistant Professor t.bmomin[at]gmail[dot]com
7 Dr.(Ms) Jena G. Momin Lecturer  jg.momin[at]gmail[dot]com
8 Smt. Bicuriona M Sangma Lecturer bicuriona[at}gmail{dot}com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Chickoo B. Marak Senior Lecturer and Head chickoomarak81[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Smt. Porthyna R. Marak Lecturer porthynarangsa692[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Christilla A. Sangma Lecturer csgma17[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. Runa Vallerie N. Sangma Lecturer vallerie21st[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Smt. Anna Marie A Sangma Lecturer  annaagitok[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Shri  Rinkle M Marak Lecturer rinklem[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Domitila N. Marak Lecturer and Head DNMARAK15[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri. Firdosh A. Momin Lecturer firdosh79momin[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Shri Sengam G Momin Lecturer sgmomin[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. Dorimeh M Marak Lecturer  theoramarak[at]yahoo[dot]com
5 Smt. Forthbina G Momin Lecturer forthbimomin07[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Jyotsna D.Sangma Associate Professor and Head jyotsnasangma[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Smt. Judith G. Momin Associate Professor judmomin[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Shri. Armstrong K. Marak Lecturer armstrong.marak[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Dr(Ms) Benora Batemon Masharing Assistant Professor binoramarsharing[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Smt. Jessica A.Sangma Lecturer jessicasangma555[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Smt. R. Eglentina Rynghang Jana Assistant Professor eglentina.jana[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri. Nitish Pandit Associate Professor and Head npdalu[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri. Chaturvedi Daring Associate Professor chaturdaring[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Sunita Ch. Momin Associate Professor sunitachmomin[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Shri. Marma A. Sangma Lecturer sangmagitok[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri. Jerome W. Sangma Lecturer jsangma082[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Lucietha K. Sangma Associate Professor and Head lucyksangma[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Dr.(Mrs.) Kelo Leeda R. Marak Assistant Professor Keloleeda8363[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Dr.(Mrs.) Nancie M. Sangma Assistant Professor nancesang[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. Reena Sheerin A. Sangma Assistant Professor 78reenasangma[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Smt. Emly Lovena Tariang Assistant Professor emlylovena[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Dr. Alak Kumar Saha Assistant Professor and Head aloksaha32[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri. Ananta Singha Assistant Professor singhaananta01[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Soja D. Marak Assistant Professor and Head soja.marak[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Smt. Ripamchi A. Sangma Assistant Professor ripamchi[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Kerbadri Nongkhlaw Assistant Professor kerbadrinongkhlaw[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. Tashie M Sangma Assistant Professor tashiesangma[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri Albish K Sangma Assistant Professor albishk82[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Minakshi Buragohain Associate Professor and Head minakshibg[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Sukriti Devi A. Rema Associate Professor and Head sukritirema[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Smt. Ridalin Nongbri Lecturer ethanruwndar6[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Shri. Phrangshai Hynniewta Lecturer - Under 3(f) phynniewta[at]yahoo[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri. Munindra Deka Associate Professor and Head munindradeka48[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri Swarup Ranjan Debnath Associate Professor swardeb[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Idaphinia Warjri Lecturer idaphiniawarjri14[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Shri. Fabian Thomlin Marbaniang Assistant Professor angelofab[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri. Tyngshain Star Lyngdoh Mawlong Lecturer mls_tyn[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri. Isaac W. Momin Associate Professor and Head isaac.momin3[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Smt. Donme Lizana A. Sangma Associate Professor sdonme[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Shri. Bithingkon G. Momin Assistant Professor www.bithingmomin[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Dr. Kiew Shaphrang Kharnaior Assistant Professor kiewshaprang[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri Smarling Suting Lecturer smarsuting[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Dr. Pynsakhiatmiki Gashnga Lecturer miki.gash[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri. Tejan A. Momin Senior Lecturer and Head tejanmomin[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri. Reuter Balzack M. Sangma Lecturer rbsangma[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Cheerfulness Lyngdoh Lecturer cheerfulnesslyngdoh[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Shri. Jojrang G. D. Shira Lecturer jojrang[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri  Benjamin Mylliem Lecturer bm304789[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Verlia Semchi G. Momin Senior Lecturer and Head verlia789[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri. Taseng K. Marak Lecturer tasengmarak[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Grimchi T. Sangma Lecturer grimchisangma[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. Cordelia Pearly Warbah Lecturer cordypearl[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Dr.(Mrs.) Silme D. Shira Lecturer shirasilme[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Smt. Susan Jones Nongkynrih Lecturer susannongkynrid[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Smt. Noda Merrie R. Marak Senior Lecturer and Head merriemarak2017[at]asia.com
2 Dr.(Mrs.) Shabaree Yasmeen A. Sangma Lecturer shabaree2708[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Shri. Manman A. Sangma Lecturer sangmaman2[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Shri. Debasish R. Marak Lecturer marakdeba[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri. Aloster Nongrum Assistant Professor anongrum[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Smt. Stilchi M. Sangma Lecturer stilchimangsang[at]gmail[dot]com
1 Smt. Rubilush R. Marak Senior Lecturer and Head rubilushmarak1974[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri. Medan Fernando R. Marak Lecturer medanfrmarak[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Smt. Chelsea Ch. Momin Lecturer  chelsea.momin[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. Manyung Shylla Lecturer  mshylla89[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Shri Firsterson Lawriniang Lecturer firstslaw[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri. Badlang Tariang Assistant Professor btariang1691[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl. Name Designation Email ID
1 Shri Benedict W Sangma Deputy Librarian librariantgc[at]gmail[dot]com
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